Tulsa Knox, Psy.D.


I am a mindfully compassionate licensed psychologist with a temperament that is innately optimistic. Over the past 25 years, I am grateful to have had many opportunities to provide evidence based therapeutic services to a diverse client population that encompass a wide range of cultures, developmental ages and psychiatric issues.

A passionate life-long student, I obtained a doctor of psychology degree in Applied Psychology from New York University Steinhardt School of Human Development and Education as well as a master’s of science in education and an advanced certificate in school psychology from Brooklyn College. I am currently completing a post doctorate professional program in neuropsychology.

I have a broad-based understanding of the human condition that is grounded in the belief that each of us has an innate capacity for self-determination and can consistently experience his/her personal best in all of life’s circumstances. My therapeutic approach starts with a “whole person” (cognitive, social, and developmental) assessment and goes on to utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques. I also explore the role that neuropsychology might play in responses to situations or stimuli. My goal with every patient encounter is to find an organic solution-oriented therapy that facilitates insight and leads to long-lasting effective changes in behavior.