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Jennifer Cain


Dr. Cain is a Clinical Psychologist, licensed in Ohio and New York State.

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Every journey starts with a first step. You've just taken yours.

Psychotherapy is a unique experience that can be deeply fulfilling while simultaneously quite difficult at times. At my practice I try to create a warm and welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable to be honest with both the therapist and themselves. Above all, the relationship between the patient and the therapist is of the utmost importance. Patients who come from a wide range of backgrounds and present with a wide range of issues, from a mild case of anxiety to the more severe and persistent mental illnesses, are treated here. Additionally, each patient is treated with empirically validated methods that meet the unique needs of him or her.

Dr. Michelle Sheets


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Every day is a new start – a fresh beginning for you. No matter how dark things seem, beginning the work to start healing is a beautiful new morning in your life.

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When you take control of your life, your problems immediately feel smaller. Why? Because you have the power to improve your life. Let us show you how.

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